Tuesday, May 29, 2007


It's been a few weeks since my last entry. Papa hasn't had time to help me with my blog because he has been busy at work and then he takes me for 1 hour walks every night so we are both pretty tired. Actually, he is tired but I am still OK. Lately, when we go for walks, he often gets lost. In the last few weeks, we got really lost twice because papa is terrible with directions. One time, we walked all the way to Cerulean Tower in Shibuya from our house. Another time, we walked to Ikejiri Station in Setagaya Ward. I enjoyed myself because we got to walk for an hour and a half but papa looked pretty beat.

Last weekend, mama and papa went to visit their friends in Hiroo. They had a really good dinner and a lot of nice wine.

Tonight, papa's previous business had a farewell party for him. They went for Thai food which was really good. Papa enjoys his new job but I can tell that he really misses the people he used to work with. Papa says that they are a really great group of people to work with and he learned so much from them. He had a lot of fun and has so many good memories of being a part of such a close team. He still talks often about his old colleagues. I hope he gets to work with them again because he was so happy during his time at that business. He seems a little stressed out lately...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Mama and papa built me a new house today! At 7 months old, I am a proud new home owner!!! I especially love the patio in the front where I can relax and enjoy the sun. After we built the house, papa took me for a long walk. We haven't gone for a walk for such a long time because of my operation. We walked all over the place until papa was tired. When we got home, we played for a while and I did the "spin" trick all by myself. Papa was so happy that I learned a new trick. I think he was about to give up on me ever learning anything new.

This morning, mama's aunt and uncle came to visit us from Kyushu. They have a Dachshund and love dogs so they played a lot with me. I also had a lot of fun chewing their slippers and socks.

Yesterday, we went to my class and the teachers were surprised by how much I have learned. It's because mama and papa practice with me every day at home until I get bored and stop paying attention to them.

On Friday, papa had a welcome party at work with his new team. They went to Tokyo Midtown to a Mexican restaurant called La Colina. The food was good but overpriced, as is everything at Midtown. It's a nice place but at those prices, it won't be long before the novelty wears off, crowds start thinning out and people stop going there. On the same evening, mama went with friends to a Turkish restaurant in Aoyama 1-chome. She said the food was really good and that papa should go with her next time for lunch.

Anyhow, it's really nice to have the collar off now. Life is back to normal. I still have the urge to mark my territory even after the operation, but the teacher said that that will go away in a few weeks. I have also stopped abusing my pillow :-)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

One day more...

I finally get this stupid collar off tomorrow!!! Mama and papa had to go to doggie school without me last weekend because I was still recovering from my operation (I think they need it more than me anyhow). They've been practicing what they learned at school, like how to make me come to them and walk beside them, all week. I'm getting bored now...it's way too easy for a puppy of my great intellect.

On Sunday, it was raining so we hung around the house all day and watched a TV show called Lost. I don't like TV much except for the new Mizuho bank TV commercial that features a Jack Russell Terrier. I like barking at the TV when I see that one.

I heard from papa that one of his best friends is thinking of living in Nakameguro!!! I've never met her but she leaves nice notes on my blog and I hope she will visit me soon with her new
fiance :-)

Saturday, May 5, 2007

My Dog Skip

Tonight, we watched a movie called My Dog Skip that my friend Gin-chan sent to us from Osaka! It's about a Jack Russell Terrier (like me!) who teaches Willie Morris about life. It was a fun movie and really highlights how silly you humans are sometimes...it's really tough for us dogs to train you people.

Papa keeps calling me Simba...do I look like the Lion King??? I hate this collar!!! 5 more days til I can have it removed. I'm getting tired of bumping into walls and furniture.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

George the Hero

Today, I want to recognize the heroic effort of George, an incredibly brave Jack Russell Terrier from New Zealand, who gave his life to save 5 children from 2 pit bulls. Pit bulls are a menace to society and, in the hands of irresponsible owners, they are vicious killers. Papa is from Ontario, Canada, where they had the good sense to ban pit bulls several years ago. While I do think that socialization of dogs at an early age, as well as how owners raise their dogs, has much to do with the eventual temperament of the dog, it seems that pit bulls are more prone to violent behaviour than other breeds. Given the strength of pit bulls, when they are aggressive the results are much more devastating.

Anyhow, thank you, George, for protecting those kids and reminding us all why dogs (with the exception of pit bulls) are man's best friend.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Oh nuts...

I'm back from the vet! I had to spend a night there after my surgery to get neutered and papa came to pick me up this afternoon. I am so happy to be home again, but I have to wear this ridiculous collar for a week until I get my stitches out. I'm also not allowed to run around very much for a week and I can only go for a short 15 minute walk every day. It doesn't hurt much and the stitches don't bother me at all but I hate this collar. I keep bumping into walls and furniture because this thing gets in the way. I'm glad mama and papa don't have to work this week so they can stay at home with me and keep me company!!! As a baseline, I also had blood tests, an EKG and they x-rayed my leg again. Everything is perfect!!!

When I got home today, papa told me that he and mama went for sushi last night at one of their favorite sushi restaurants called Kita-san in Nakameguro. The owner is a pretty funny guy. He said he doesn't like raw fish anymore even though he is a sushi chef!!! He always gives mama and papa free sushi and he always has the best fish.

On Monday, mama and papa had friends over for a barbecue. I had a great time because everyone played games with me. The food looked delicious, although I didn't get any. Papa grilled steak, lamb, chicken, pork, potatoes and a whole bunch of other stuff. It was a perfect evening for a barbecue. The weather has been so good lately with the temperature in the mid-20's and the sun has been out for the most part.

Papa has been following the NHL hockey playoffs lately but it's hard to concentrate on hockey when the weather feels like summer. Shouldn't hockey be a winter sport rather than a mid-Spring sport??? Anyhow, there are only 2 Canadian teams left in the playoffs but Vancouver is struggling and are down 3 games to 1 against Anaheim (do they even have ice in California???). At least Ottawa is winning their series against New Jersey 2 games to 1. It's also nice to see some real hockey towns like Detroit, New York and Buffalo still in the running, although papa is not a big fan of Buffalo. When papa was a kid watching hockey on TV, the Buffalo commentators were so pro-Buffalo and so utterly ignorant about hockey that it made him sick. Anyhow, go Canucks and Senators!!! The Stanley Cup belongs in Canada!!!