Monday, December 29, 2008

...And More Rules...

1. You do not own Jack Russell Terriers. They own you!

2. You will never sleep alone again.

3. You will never sleep late again.

4. You will never go to the bathroom alone again.

5. It is your duty to entertain your Jack Russell during all waking hours. If you have other obligations, you must either cancel them or find someone to entertain your Jack Russell in your place.

6. Do not waste your hard-earned money on commercial dog food. Since Jack Russells do not think of themselves as mere dogs, they will eat dog food only as a last resort. Spend your time and money preparing sumptuous banquets for them instead.

7. Having two Jack Russells does not double your problems. It quadruples them.

8. Do not expect to go where you want when taking your Jack Russells for a walk. They will decide.

9. Do not expect to be the center of attention at any social event. This is your Jack Russell’s job.

10. Do not pick a fight with your Jack Russell unless you really want one.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Rules

I found some Jack Russell Terrier rules on the internet and mama and papa agree that they are very fitting for fact, they realized that these rules have been in effect here for quite some time already:

Jack Russell Rules
1. The Jack Russell is not allowed in the house.
2. Okay, the Jack Russell is allowed in the house, but only in certain rooms.
3. The Jack Russell is allowed in all rooms, but has to stay off the furniture.
4. The Jack Russell is only allowed on the old furniture.
5. Fine, the Jack Russell is allowed on all the furniture. But is not allowed to sleep with the humans on the bed.
6. All right, the Jack Russell is allowed on the bed, but only by invitation.
7. The Jack Russell can sleep on the bed whenever he wants, but not under the covers.
8. The Jack Russell can sleep under the covers every night.
9. Humans must ask for permission to sleep under the cover with the Jack Russell.
10. In all cases of dispute…the Jack Russell rules!

Papa was walking in Shinjuku a few weeks ago when he saw this bus:
It has plasma TVs embedded in the sides! Only in Tokyo could this be North American cities, the TVs would be stolen before the driver could start the engine...

When papa's aunt and uncle came to visit earlier this year, they brought me a hoodie. Apparently, there is a famous store in Canada named after me!

Papa was doing the laundry the other day and he realized something funny. The detergent we use is called Tide and apparently it is both effective and useless...

I got to run around the park again last week. It was a great day!

Papa was able to find some really good veal last week! It is not an easy thing to find in Japan! He made Fettucine Carbonara and Veal Parmigiana with sauteed spinach and mushrooms for dinner! It was delicious...apparently...I didn't get any...
After a hard day of playing, there's nothing like curling up in papa's lap for a snooze.

Papa is tired too. He went golfing on Christmas day (Sawara Golf and Country Club) and again today (Centleisure). He wasn't too impressed with his score but today he managed to sink a 40 foot putt! The weather was perfect both days. It was sunny with no wind and the temperature was about 15 on Thursday and 12 today.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

'Tis the season to...pig out!!!

Another of papa's "artistic" photos...
At papa's office, on the first of each month, a member of the leadership team makes a dessert for the staff. This month was papa's turn. He made Fudgy Chocolate Brownies based on a recipe recommended by his mama. Among the ingredients were 8 eggs and 16 ounces of chocolate!!!The recipe made enough for 3 large brownie molds plus 2 mini brownies so mama and papa could taste it first. Papa didn't want to make his co-workers sick so he thought it best to make test brownies...Papa put sliced almonds on top (mama's idea). Here was the final product, complete in Christmas themed cake molds. The staff really seemed to like papa's brownies. Or maybe they were just being either case, they sure look yummy! Mama and papa enjoyed them a lot!!!
A few weeks ago, papa made curry for dinner...

...and then a few days later he made ramen.

Last Friday he made a lasagna for dinner...
Papa thinks he will be a chef in his next lifetime. He's just not sure if he will be Italian, Chinese or Indian. I think he should be a Jack Russell Terrier in his next life :-)

Last weekend, mama and papa went to a place called Club Q for turkey dinner (Club Q is actually their friend's house).One of the guests who used to be a pastry chef made a cake for the party.So they all started eating the cake......and eating...
(is it just me or does it seem weird eating cake with chopsticks???)
...and eating......and eating......and eating......and eating...until it was all gone!!!
Mama and papa took me to get groomed last weekend. I love the bath but I'm not too crazy about the nail cut. And what I'm really not a big fan of is the little Christmas wreath they put on my collar...What I really do love is taking a nap while papa helps me with my blog......and taking lazy afternoon naps...on papa...
I also like helping papa use his iPhone.
We went to the park last weekend. Some JRT was following me around and bothering me so, needless to say, I wasn't very happy. Mama and papa were surprised because I'm usually much nicer to females. I guess I was just in a bad mood because papa got a parking ticket.This is how I get mama and papa to pay attention to me when I'm bored and they are busy with things that don't interest me. Boy, do they ever hate it...papa says I am really "annoying", whatever the heck that means. I think it is another word for "cute, adorable and fun-loving"...

And on a final note, because I just can't help making the occasional political commentary, we were pleased that Stephane Dion's (a.k.a. the Canadian George W.) pathetic little attempt to circumvent the democratic process by trying a coup d'etat in Canada was thwarted by Stephen Harper. Not that we are Stephen Harper fans by any means, but we are fans of democracy and due process. Little people like Dion have no place at the big table with the other world leaders. The sooner he is gone the better for Canada. This is a time for strong leadership, not wanna-be also-rans who try to steal power by any means possible. Pathetic...

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Canadian George W.

Papa thinks Stephane Dion is a pathetic little man for trying a coup d'etat in Canada. Does Dion really think he is in the same league as other world leaders? (Well, maybe he and George W. would be like peas in a pod...enough said...)

He should do the right thing and quit immediately so that someone who is competent can lead the Liberals to victory in an election. It's a little scary, bordering on treason, for him to make a deal with separatists for personal gain. I thought Canada was a democracy. We are not fans of Stephen Harper by any means, but he was fairly elected to a minority government and is not doing a bad job. Our support for the hapless Liberal party is waning. They need to lose Dion and choose a real leader. Papa was laughing to himself when he thought how pathetic Canada would look if we sent Dion to meet President-elect Obama next embarrassing would that be??!!?!?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Not the sharpest knives in the drawer

This past week, the wife of a former administrative vice health minister in Japan was stabbed at her home in Tokyo a few hours after the bodies of another former administrative vice health minister and his wife were found stabbed to death in their home in neighbouring Saitama Prefecture. A few hours ago, the "killer" turned himself in to police. I put quotations marks around the word "killer" because apparently the shoes he said he was wearing during the stabbings don't match the footprints found at the scene...weird. Papa thinks that there are far too many nuts walking the streets now. There doesn't appear to be any point to the stabbings. Perhaps this guy has a gripe with the health department and the state of health care but who doesn't??? Well, actually, I don't! I have a great vet who takes such good care of me!!!

Papa took a picture of one of the smartest people in Japan a few weeks ago on his way home from golfing in Chiba...This genius decides to build a fire to burn garbage...not a big deal, right? Not unless you decide to do it right next to a gas truck! Papa took this picture from a gas station across the street as he was getting his tank filled...needless to say he got outta there pretty darn fast! You really can't teach common sense...

Tonight, papa took mama out for her official birthda
y dinner. They went to Sushi Hashiguchi. Last year, they went to Kyubei for mama's birthday. Both places are excellent but they said that for food, Hashiguchi is better and for entertainment and atmosphere, Kyubei is the right choice. Prices are about the same at both. Tonight, they had most of their favorite sushi but couldn't decide on what they liked the best. It was a toss up between the chu-toro, uni, kohada, saba and anago.

On the way home, they passed the Prince Hotel which is already lit up for Christmas. When is Santa coming??!!?!?! I've been a very good puppy this year!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to...Mama!!!

Yesterday was mama's birthday! Happy birthday, mama!!! Papa will take her out for dinner on Saturday...probably to a place that doesn't allow dogs :-(

Look at the cute puppy on the cover of Vogue - look familiar? And what's on my nose???In fact, I am so famous that some guy named Andy Warhol once painted me... ...which got me on TV...
...twice!!! Now everyone loves me!!!Papa has to go for his annual physical tomorrow. It is one of his least favorite days of the year. He dreads the barium test the most. Papa says he's in his prime so he's not worried about the physical. We got a new scale that also measures BMI, body fat, calcium level and a number of other things. The scale also concludes, from its tests, how old someone's body is. Apparently, even though it is brand new, it's already broken because it thinks that papa has the body of a 25 year old! Papa was really happy with this result. Mama was even happier because the scale said she has the body of an 18 year old!

As for me, I'm content to hang out on the sofa while my admirers write newspaper articles about me!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Vintage Me

Papa is trying to be artistic with his photos now...
I prefer being white and tan...I don't like being black and white and gray :-(

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Good catch!

Papa says I got lucky...I say it's skill...

I like causing trouble...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who would have thought...

...that Americans would ever elect someone named Hussein as President...interesting...

Then again, who would have thought that Canadians would yet again elect a minority government in a time when strength and leadership is needed...politics is for losers!

As you can see, the election really interested me. I am so engrossed by politics.

We were walking along the street the other day and the weirdest thing happened - I was attacked by a shark!!! A Hammerhead shark surfaced in a bucket on the street and I had to defend mama and papa from it! Papa calls me a hammerhead sometimes but I think he means it in the nicest possible way...
We go to the park every weekend now. Sometimes we go both Saturday and Sunday! Papa says I look like a little devil dog when I steal toys from other doggies...
The friend mama brought home to me from Canada says I'm a pain in the butt...I wonder why???

Papa has gone golfing 3 times in the last 11 days. Today, mama and papa took the day off work and went with 2 of their friends to Glen Oaks Country Club in Chiba. Papa said the course was very well kept and it was quite challenging. On Monday, he went to Sawara Country Club and said it was one of his favorite courses. These are the 9th and 18th holes. For both holes, you tee off on one side of the lake and have to cross the water to the fairway. Looks a little too easy to me :-)

Japanese hospitals are run by idiots and morons...or maybe they are run by politicians??? A short time ago, a pregnant woman had complications and went to 6 or 7 hospitals for help but was turned away because the hospitals claimed they didn't have the resources to help her. She died 2 days later. Yesterday, another pregnant woman was turned away from 6 hospitals when she started having health problems and sought help. All 6 hospitals turned her away!!! She is now unconscious. How stupid are these hospital workers? They are so very obviously not in the healthcare industry because they care about people. You would think that after the first woman died that it would never happen again but somehow hospitals here can get away with being incompetent. I hope I never have the misfortune of having to go to a hospital in Japan.

And on a final note, last week on the way home from golfing at an exclusive US military base golf course, some dumb-ass rear-ended papa on the highway. Thankfully, everyone was OK and there were no injuries. The Nissan dealer thinks that only the bumper needs replacing so hopefully we can get the work done within the next week. What pissed mama and papa off most was that the jerk who hit them and his insurance agent tried to pass some of the blame to papa. In a case where someone gets hit from behind, it is very clearly the fault of the driver who was behind. The first sign of guilt was when the loser called his insurance company before calling the police. At the end of the day, the moron's insurance will pay for all damages. It turns out that the incompetent driver runs a restaurant in Nagano called Sanmangoku (三万石). I think that translates to "Pig Diarrhea" so if you are ever in the neighbourhood, please drop by and crack him in the head for me. If he cooks like he drives then his food must taste like the anus of a jackass...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Jumping on the Rays Bandwagon

We went to the park Saturday. There were about 6 JRTs there! I think we outnumbered all of the other dogs easily. This short JRT had a toy I wanted...So I took it...Then another JRT had another toy that I wanted...
So I took it too!Who's the king of the castle??!!?!
Papa had a laugh today at all the people who jumped on the Tampa Bay Rays bandwagon. They forget that just 4 years ago, Boston was the underdog having not won a World Series for 86 years, and I'm sure the bandwagon jumpers were rooting for Boston at that time. Papa has been a Bosox fan since he was a kid so he wasn't about to betray his team just for the sake of being on the winning side like so many others. It's a little pathetic that people switch loyalties so easily just to taste the flavour of the month...until the next bandwagon rolls by for them to jump on. I may get some comments on this so please make sure to leave your name and number so I can ring you up in 86 years to see if you're still a Rays fan...or more likely, how many dozens of bandwagons you've jumped on...

Anyhow, congratulations to the was a well played series. The Bosox will be back stronger than ever next year!
(I wonder who the bandwagon jumpers will pick though...)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to...ME!!!

Saturday was my birthday and it was a blast! I am now 2 years old! Papa says that in dog years, that means that I am still 2 years old and still a little puppy...but I read on the internet that in dog years I am 21 years old so pass me the scotch!!! And get papa a wheelchair because in dog years he is 181! I'm going to start calling him McCain!!! I got a ton of presents from mama and papa including toys, treats, a brownie with a pumpkin on it, and a cookie with my name on it!
(by the way, I forgot, what does "spoiled" mean? I heard papa say that a number of times on my birthday...oh, wait, is that something like getting a new iMac, a new iPhone, a new golf bag, a new driver, 2 new utilities, a new 3 wood, a new putter and 2 new sand wedges since April???)

I got to eat part of the brownie, a quarter of the cookie, a dried ichijiku (fig) with cabbage (yeah, it's a weird combination but I love cabbage!)...
Mama and papa made me sit and be good before I was allowed to eat...I was so excited my eyes were glowing. Then it was time to dig in!!! ...and to paraphrase Keyzer Soze in one of papa's favorite movies, The Usual Suspects, "Just like that, it was gone..."...all sad...Earlier in the day, mama and papa took me to Komazawa Park to play. It was a pretty nice day so the place was packed with dogs and their humans...I met a bunch of other JRTs. After the dog run it was time to play at home for a while with the friend mama got me in Canada.Then it was finally time for bed...what a great birthday I had!!!Today was Sports Day in Japan, another one of those made up holidays we celebrate here for no apparent reason at all, but I'm not complaining because it means mama and papa can spend the whole day with me. They love the made up holidays as much as I do! Mama and papa took me to Jonan Park today. I met my friend Chip the Beagle who I haven't seen for about a year! He and I were in the same doggie school together last year.It was a great day of fun, sun and running with an Italian Greyhound!