Sunday, March 7, 2010

Roots' Day

OK, so, yesterday was apparently Roots' day...sounds great, eh? isn't. It seems that Roots' day consists of a shampoo and brushing...not fun :-(
Not sure if I like my new hairdo...I look like the Michelin man...

After I have a bath, I get this inexplicable burst of energy as I try to dry myself...


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just love your dog and your blog is so perfect! Roots is like my Jack Russell in so many ways and they are worlds apart!
A fan in the US!

Naomi said...

Hi Roots,
It's your auntie in LA! I'm glad your Papa is taking you on long walks, it's good for the heart and zoomies! Your nephews are doing well, they had a nice visit with Goddess and Ji-chan.

Hi to your Mama and Papa,
Naomi :-)

the Oakville clan said...

Did you know that you mama and papa made you look like a marshmellow? Very funny.