Sunday, March 7, 2010


We may not own the podium, but the top step is ours! Canada rocks!!! 14 Olympic gold medals! And the last one was the sweetest! Papa wakes up at 5:00am for 2 things - to play golf and to watch the Canadian men's hockey team kick America's butt for Olympic gold! The US team played a good game but...ummmm...yeah, thanks for coming out...too bad, but the best view is from the top of the podium. Papa was very happy that I joined him to watch the game. I also wake up at 5:00am for 2 things - Olympic hockey gold and to go pee-pee...this time was hockey, and what a great game it was! The US team gave us a minor scare with 24.4 seconds remaining when they tied the game to send it to overtime, but papa was pretty confident that we would prevail. Even the Japanese TV announcers were behind us:

Mama got these chocolates for papa for Valentine's day. They were so delicious that papa couldn't stop eating them!

Papa has been taking me on really long walks lately. We walk 5 to 7 km every day. A few days ago, we went to Ebisu Garden Place and met a 4 month old Jack Russell Terrier.

After all the walking, I like to relax...

...and relax some more...

Mama suggested risotto for dinner last night so papa made it. He used a recipe by Jamie Oliver as the base and added a few twists of his own. Mama said she thinks it's good enough to be in a restaurant! Papa already knew that :-)

The recipe he used as a base can be found here.

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