Saturday, May 2, 2009


Mama and papa went for their official anniversary dinner last Sunday to the Westin Hotel in Ebisu which is the same place where they were married and had their wedding reception. The food was good but not as good as the menu prepared by Chef Ohno who prepared the dinner for mama's and papa's wedding. This new chef, Nicolas Chevrollier, is not as good at putting courses together. He's too pretentious and arrogant with his mediocre food and he seems to barely tolerate his customers. He has Gordon Ramsay's attitude minus Gordon's talent.

Too bad mama and papa kept forgetting to take pictures of each dish to show me. Here are some of the dishes that they remembered to take a snap of...

The place setting...very cool!

The appetizer was maguro (tuna) and tofu carpaccio. It was a little too big for an appetizer but was quite good. Very light and clean tasting, but twice as big as it needed to be.

Papa's main course was veal. There was also ravioli but papa ate it before he remembered to take a picture of the dish.

And mama's main was Japanese Spanish mackerel.

After dinner, they had a special anniversary dessert compliments of the Westin Hotel. They also had espresso and ordered another dessert but they forgot to take a picture so I can't show you what they had.

Last Wednesday, the first official day of Golden Week holidays in Japan (papa loves these made-up holidays we have here), mama and papa were invited by their friend Q-chan to go to Tochigi prefecture to pick takenoko (bamboo shoots) which are a spring delicacy in Japan. The best thing was that I was also invited!!! It was my first time to see bamboo. It was also papa's first time to pick bamboo shoots. He was mighty proud of his first one...but it doesn't look that special to me...

After the takenoko is picked and cleaned, it must be cooked quickly to avoid having it become bitter. The best time to pick takenoko is after a rainfall when they are just coming out of the ground about 10 to 20 cm and the spouts at the top are yellow, not green. It takes about 90 minutes to boil the takenoko using a wood heated pot.

While the takenoko was cooking, everyone (about 30 people) had a barbecue lunch with nagashi somen.
It was so nice being out in the countryside and away from the noise and pollution of the cesspool we call Tokyo.

For dinner on Wednesday, mama made takenoko gohan and a stir fry with takenoko. Papa cooked up a steak. Mama's takenoko gohan was soooooooooooo delicious!!!
Mama and papa had takenoko again last night for dinner. This time, papa made the takenoko gohan. Papa has had so much takenoko lately that he thinks he is starting to look like a bamboo shoot.

Today we went to Jonan-jima park again. I love running around and playing with MY toys and then chillin' out in the shade with MY toys.

We went to the park with one of mama's friends and their puppies, Riku-chan the Miniature Dachshund and Maro-chan the Chihuahua.

There's so much talk and over-reaction about the Mexican swine flu. I mean, tens of thousands of people die each year from the regular flu, which is a tragedy, but comparatively, the Mexican swine flu has not claimed nearly as many people. You humans are too susceptible to panic...grow up and act like a dog! Or be like Joe Biden and advise people not to take airplanes or subways. What a paranoid putz! I wonder if he's related to George W.

Papa took Monday off to go golfing. That was his 4th time in April. Given how often he goes, you'd think he'd be much better :-)