Monday, October 20, 2008

Jumping on the Rays Bandwagon

We went to the park Saturday. There were about 6 JRTs there! I think we outnumbered all of the other dogs easily. This short JRT had a toy I wanted...So I took it...Then another JRT had another toy that I wanted...
So I took it too!Who's the king of the castle??!!?!
Papa had a laugh today at all the people who jumped on the Tampa Bay Rays bandwagon. They forget that just 4 years ago, Boston was the underdog having not won a World Series for 86 years, and I'm sure the bandwagon jumpers were rooting for Boston at that time. Papa has been a Bosox fan since he was a kid so he wasn't about to betray his team just for the sake of being on the winning side like so many others. It's a little pathetic that people switch loyalties so easily just to taste the flavour of the month...until the next bandwagon rolls by for them to jump on. I may get some comments on this so please make sure to leave your name and number so I can ring you up in 86 years to see if you're still a Rays fan...or more likely, how many dozens of bandwagons you've jumped on...

Anyhow, congratulations to the was a well played series. The Bosox will be back stronger than ever next year!
(I wonder who the bandwagon jumpers will pick though...)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to...ME!!!

Saturday was my birthday and it was a blast! I am now 2 years old! Papa says that in dog years, that means that I am still 2 years old and still a little puppy...but I read on the internet that in dog years I am 21 years old so pass me the scotch!!! And get papa a wheelchair because in dog years he is 181! I'm going to start calling him McCain!!! I got a ton of presents from mama and papa including toys, treats, a brownie with a pumpkin on it, and a cookie with my name on it!
(by the way, I forgot, what does "spoiled" mean? I heard papa say that a number of times on my birthday...oh, wait, is that something like getting a new iMac, a new iPhone, a new golf bag, a new driver, 2 new utilities, a new 3 wood, a new putter and 2 new sand wedges since April???)

I got to eat part of the brownie, a quarter of the cookie, a dried ichijiku (fig) with cabbage (yeah, it's a weird combination but I love cabbage!)...
Mama and papa made me sit and be good before I was allowed to eat...I was so excited my eyes were glowing. Then it was time to dig in!!! ...and to paraphrase Keyzer Soze in one of papa's favorite movies, The Usual Suspects, "Just like that, it was gone..."...all sad...Earlier in the day, mama and papa took me to Komazawa Park to play. It was a pretty nice day so the place was packed with dogs and their humans...I met a bunch of other JRTs. After the dog run it was time to play at home for a while with the friend mama got me in Canada.Then it was finally time for bed...what a great birthday I had!!!Today was Sports Day in Japan, another one of those made up holidays we celebrate here for no apparent reason at all, but I'm not complaining because it means mama and papa can spend the whole day with me. They love the made up holidays as much as I do! Mama and papa took me to Jonan Park today. I met my friend Chip the Beagle who I haven't seen for about a year! He and I were in the same doggie school together last year.It was a great day of fun, sun and running with an Italian Greyhound!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The summer's out of reach...

Wow, that was a fast summer! It seemed shorter than usual...of course, I've only been through 2 summers so what do I know??? Next week I'm going to turn 2 years old! Scary...makes me want to hide because I feel so old!A few weeks ago was papa's birthday! I would tell you how old he is but I can't count that high.Mama bought him a lot of gifts! He got an Adams #3 hybrid utility, a golf bag and pajamas! Apparently, my job is to protect papa's clubs... Last week, papa got a new 52 degree wedge (Cleveland CG14) and yesterday he got an Adams Insight XTD #3 hybrid fairway wood! He says his bag is now complete! (until the next time he decides he wants a new club...) Last Tuesday he shot a 94 at Chiba Yomiuri Golf Club. Nothing to write home about but it's his best score ever.

As for me, I've just been lounging around...
I went for grooming last week and they put a ribbon on me. Not very cool but mama thinks I look cute...I think I always look cute :-)Papa has obviously been golfing too much this summer...or he's been using whitening lotion on his feet... Yesterday we went to Jonan Park for a few hours. There were quite a few dogs there and I had a great time. I was beat by the end of the day and mama and papa had a quiet evening because I was sleeping.
Today, mama went golfing with colleagues from work. Papa took me to Yoyogi Park to play in the dog run there! 2 days in a row at the park for me! This tiny little black dog was afraid of me and kept walking away :-)It was a really fun day. I met a lot of friends and got to run around with them quite a bit:

Should be interesting times in North America for the next several weeks with the troubles on Wall Street and the elections in the US and Canada. We're not sure if we agree with the US financial bailout because it will not guarantee that the economy will recover. In fact we don't think it will help at all. Why should taxpayers subsidize the stupidity of the management of Lehman's and other corporations who basically produce nothing, making money on money but not actually creating anything of value??? But on the other hand, a meltdown in the financial sector will have far reaching consequences for the economy which could jeopardize other industries and cause widespread layoffs which will again hurt taxpayers. I guess taxpayers get screwed no matter what happens. I'm glad I don't pay taxes :-)

And the elections should be interesting. In both Canada and the US, there is absolutely no one who is even remotely appealing as a leader. In Canada, the incumbent, Stephen Harper, lacks vision and we really don't know what he stands for. Which is more than we can say for what's his name from the Liberal party who is the most uncharismatic person in the whole wide world. Stephane Dion couldn't inspire a rabid dog to bite him.
The US is no better. That 100 year old guy and his running mate who's young enough to be his grand daughter are enough to scare anyone into voting for the other party...until you look at the other party's candidates...Obama/ it just me or does that look like someone else's name...change a "b" to an "s" and add "n la" after the "i"...enough said...but not enough experience on the Obama side. In dog years he's mature, but in human years, he hasn't been around the block yet and is still too wet behind the ears.