Saturday, January 19, 2008


I was tagged by Erin to share 7 weird things about myself and to tag 7 other dogs. Since I don't have very many friends online yet, I will have to wait to tag others but I will share 7 weird things about myself...

1) I have recently taken to barking at the TV. My favorite things to bark at are golf (I like to try to catch the ball on the screen) and Mino Monta. Mama and papa don't know why I bark at Mino Monta...only I do... :-)

2) I love taking walks but whenever I see p
apa get my leash to take me for a walk, I hide under the table or in my house.

3) Whenever visitors leave, I have to run around the house 3 times and check every room to make sure that nothing has been left behind, no one is still hiding here and absolutely nothing is out of place.

4) Whenever mama and papa are out and then come home together I am OK but if only one of them comes home first, when the other comes home I bark like crazy as if there is an intruder. It drives mama and papa crazy.

5) I can destroy a dog toy in under 30 seconds but I have yet to defeat the children's toys that mama and papa got me from Ikea. Man, are they tough!!!

6) I am afraid of Chihuahuas.

7) Mama and papa think I am part cat. When they are getting ready for work or to go out (without me), I like to rub against their legs and roll onto my back at their feet like a cat. I like to cuddle with them, bu
t only sometimes...whenever I feel like it...I am finicky and selfish like a cat :-) And when they are standing in one place, I love to sit on top of their feet to make sure they don't move without me knowing!

So that's it...there are probably tons of other things that mama and papa think are weird about me, but if you ask me, they are even more weird than I am!!! :-)

Lately, papa has been complaining about the ineffectiveness and incompetence of police in Japan. BTW, what's a "moron"? He us
es that word a lot in the same sentence as "police". They sit around doing nothing while people park illegally, run red lights and commit all kinds of misdemeanors. Papa says the Japanese police are dumber than me...whatever the heck that means...if that's true then I would think that most people in the world would qualify as Japanese police. As you can see, they're not my favorite either...

Mama and papa went to see Planet Earth today. They said it was OK but not as good as Deep Blue, another BBC movie. Mama fell asleep for part of Planet Earth.

And finally, another cute billboard...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Almost Famous

A friend of mine was walking down Broadway in NY and found this billboard...what a handsome puppy!!! Even though my name is Roots, mama and papa call me Pooh-chan...I wonder why...
In fact, the pup on the billboard is so handsome that the Canadian post office made a stamp featuring him!!!

Thanks to all the nice folks (and their humans) who have left comments recently. We were thinking about stopping this blog because we thought no one was reading it!