Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ouch! Again...

Well, I got my new house on Wednesday! It is a spacious 2 room apartment and has a separate bathroom and bedroom/dining room. It's dark brown with a wood frame so it looks quite nice. I am still getting used to it and, since the bathroom is on the opposite side now, I make the occasional mistake and go to the toilet in my bedroom. I hate it when that happens...

This morning, I was playing with papa after breakfast. He kept calling me tamago (egg) and was laughing at me but I don't know there something funny about how I look??? He is so mean sometimes!!!

Today, we went to Komazawa Park which is about 5km from where
we live. Mama's friends came to pick us up and drive us there. The weather was perfect and I think papa was looking forward to going there more than me! The park has a big dog run where I was allowed to run around without a leash with the other dogs. I tried to play with a chihuahua but it didn't really like me and started growling so I went to play with dogs more my size like Black Labs and Golden Retrievers. Papa said they are too big for me but we are about the same size as far as I can tell so I don't see any problem with it. I was jumping on them and barking at them but I don't think they noticed me...I didn't care so I kept bothering them :-) Unfortunately, after about 15 minutes, I hurt my leg and I started limping. I'm not quite sure what happened but mama and papa were really worried, even though it didn't hurt, so they took me to the vet and i got my first x-ray!!! The doctor said there is nothing wrong but I still limp once in a while so mama and papa are still worried. It still doesn't hurt at all but they are taking me to the vet again on Tuesday. We Jack Russell Terriers are a tough breed so I don't think they believe me that it doesn't hurt.

Mama's friends gave me a jacket today too! It is a Softbank Fukuoka Hawks baseball team jacket. I tried it on but it was a little hot today to be wearing a jacket so I probably didn't look too happy...

Anyhow, I am looking forward to this week. Papa is off work for 9 days for Golden Week and mama will be off Monday, Thursday and Friday. We are going to have a BBQ and maybe go to Yoyogi Park. I will also have an operation this week to get "fixed", whatever that means...

Well, as you can see, I am pretty sleepy now so I'm going to bed while papa finishes my blog for me. I need to get lots of sleep so I can play with mama and papa all week :-)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Today was mama's and papa's first wedding anniversary! They went back to Victor's at the Westin Hotel in Ebisu (where they got married) for dinner tonight. The head waiter remembered them and gave them 2 complementary glasses of wine each! They said the dinner was excellent, and papa especially liked the pan-fried spring trout. Victor's is one of mama's and papa's favorite restaurants in Tokyo because of the great food, nice atmosphere, friendly staff and beautiful view of Tokyo. I wish they would take me there some day.

Today, mama and papa bought me a new house! It has a separate bathroom and living area, and comes in a nice dark brown which will match the interior of our condo. I can't wait for Wednesday when it is delivered!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Today was my first beginner class at puppy school. Mama was busy so papa took me there by himself and I was pretty worried whether or not he could handle me. It turned out good though and papa was able to make it through the lesson with help from the teachers. I learned a few things but it will take more practice before I can master many of the commands. I mean, who cares if I can sit, stand and lie down...I can decide by myself when I want to do those things!!! Apparently, humans are control freaks and like to make me do things even if I don't want to. Anyhow, I do it even if I don't want to because it makes them happy and I usually get a treat out of the deal :-)

Papa looked pretty tired all week. It was his first full week in the office at his new job so he had a lot of meetings and things to do.

Last night, mama went to visit her father so papa and I watched a movie called Infernal Affairs. It was the original Hong Kong movie that The Departed is based on. Infernal Affairs was much better than The Departed. The acting was far superior and the characters were much cooler and "otoko-rashii" than the Hollywood version. Hollywood always dumbs down the story and tries to explain every little detail as if viewers are idiots whereas the Hong Kong version is more realistic and allows the audience to fill in the blanks. Perhaps that's just a reflection of Americans and how they view themselves...And of course, The Departed has the Hollywood pseudo-happy ending where the bad guy dies (I don't think this is a spoiler because Hollywood is way too predictable to ever expect anything else). Infernal Affairs has a far better ending which I will leave to readers to see for themselves...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Tricks and Treats :-P

Papa's back from Shanghai! He went there for 3 days and 2 nights on business and came home on Saturday. He loved Shanghai and said the food was excellent, especially the dim sum and hot & sour soup. Unfortunately, he was pretty busy with meetings so he didn't have much time to go sightseeing.

On Saturday, mama went to an onsen near the ocean at a place called Toi. She showed me pictures and the sunset was incredibly beautiful. Too bad papa couldn't go because he was in Shanghai. He came home Saturday night. He said he wants to go to Toi so maybe he will take me too :-)
I'm kinda bummed out because I couldn't go to Shanghai or Toi so I've just been lounging around...

On Sunday, papa took me for a 2 hour walk near Meguro river.
I'm glad we got a lot of exercise because today it was raining so we couldn't go out for a walk. Instead, papa and mama are playing fetch with me in the house and trying to teach me tricks by giving me treats. I like playing fetch, but I don't like giving the stuffed toy back to them to throw again. I like to run and get it then keep it for myself and make mama and papa try to take it from me.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Being Lazy...

Last Sunday was a busy day for us. As you can see, I was pretty sleepy. We went to puppy class in the morning and I got to meet 3 new friends! I already knew how to do most of the stuff in the class but it was still fun. My next level of classes will start on April 21. Mama and papa had to attend a puppy lecture for the next level where they learned about some basics about training me and what to expect in future classes. They said one of the teachers brought her dog to demonstrate techniques and he was really smart. His name was Sato and he could do a lot of tricks and was very well behaved. After the class, we went to the pet shop and got some treats for me then walked home along Meguro river. There were still sakura blooming so it was quite nice in the warm weather so mama and papa took me to FJ's Cafe for lunch. Actually, they had lunch and I had cookies :-)

After lunch, we went to Daktari pet hospital and I got my rabies shot. That stuff doesn't really bother me like the other dogs who were crying like babies. I didn't even notice that I got a vaccination and life went on as normal.

Papa has been busy with his new job lately but he still takes me for a walk every day. We went to Yutenji Temple tonight but the cherry blossoms are pretty much done. What's with that???

Papa says the new job is much busier but he really enjoys it and loves his new work. He's going to go to Shanghai in 2 days for a meeting but will be back on Saturday. Mama is going to a hot spring this weekend but I don't think puppies are allowed :-(

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Me and Mama

Papa went to Singapore this week on Monday and just came home today so me and mama were home alone. It was really fun. Mama took me to see the cherry blossoms by Meguro river on Monday. It was a little windy so it looked like it was snowing when the wind was blowing. We found a busker playing Chinese music so I sat and listened for a while. I love music. The only time I don't feel restless is when I listen to music. Mama thought it was funny that I liked the Chinese music. On Monday night, papa called us from Singapore and I barked at him over the phone.

On Tuesday and Wednesday it was raining so mama couldn't take me for a walk. Instead, we ran around the condo and she played fetch with me until I was tired.

Papa said Singapore was great! The seafood was excellent and the city is so clean. He said he would love to live there for a few years although it was quite hot and humid. The real estate in the country is controlled by the government and released for development based on forecasts for demand. The area around the marina is beginning to get developed and papa said it is beautiful there.

Anyhow, papa looks tired so I won't make him help me with my blog anymore tonight. He took the redeye flight home from Singapore last night via Bangkok so he arrived in Tokyo at 6:30am this morning. He came home for an hour to clean up then went to work so it looks like he's ready for bed now. Especially since we went for a long walk tonight near Meguro river again. There are still some cherry blossoms so it is still quite nice but it was a bit cold so there weren't so many people there. I ate a few cherry blossoms which was great but we couldn't find the busker playing Chinese music so I was disappointed.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

O-hanami & BBQ!!!

Mama's parents, brother and sister-in-law came over today for o-hanami and a barbecue!!! We met them at the station and then walked along Meguro river which is lined with cherry trees. After that, we came home and then went to Yutenji shrine to see more cherry blossoms. They are in full bloom now so it's quite beautiful. I still love eating the cherry blossoms :-)

Papa barbecued dinner for us. He even made some chicken for me like he promised which was so delicious :-P Luckily it didn
't rain like the forecast said, but it did start raining with strong winds about an hour ago. I am so tired today from the o-hanami and playing with everyone! Usually I sleep all afternoon but today I was busy playing, eating and looking at the cherry blossoms so I am beat now. Tomorrow is puppy school at 10:00am so I have to get a lot of rest tonight. I can't wait to meet my puppy school friends! Tomorrow will be my last puppy class. Next week I will start the beginner level! I hope I can learn a lot. Mama and papa say I am so smart but i already knew that :-)